How to play



Step 1.

Collect your team

Contact friends you want to invite to a game. They can be your regular escape room squad, family, or friends living on another continent. Remember it is possible to play a single game from places scattered around the world! You want to collect a group from 2 to 6 people.



Step 2.

Select a room

Look through the offered themes. A Sherlock Holmes investigation, classic prison escape, or perhaps a visit to an abandoned psychiatric hospital. Each room is a carefully designed, physically existing scenography you can explore by controlling the actions of the game master.



Step 3.

Make a booking

Remember to specify your time zone correctly. We are located in Poland (GMT+2). You will pay by PayPal or credit card. 



Step 4.

Sit back and enter the game

Ask your friends to install free app Zoom. Before the game you will receive access data for the transmission that you will forward to your team. Sit back on your sofa and enjoy the experience…