escape rooms trends in 2021?

escape rooms trends in 2021?

What to expect from escape rooms in 2021?

We are all glad to wave goodbye to 2020. The year that will be remembered for a deadly pandemic that shook peoples’ health and countries’ economies. With lockdowns being introduced all over the world most businesses suffered tremendously. Escape rooms were no exceptions. Forced to close down and go for months with no incoming in it was a true test for us, the entrepreneurs. On the other hand we did have some time on our hands to figure out how to improve our games and come up with clever ideas for when we can reopen. Here are our thoughts on the upcoming year regarding both live cam escape games and stationary escape rooms.

More and more stationary escape rooms will offer a possibility to play online

Live cam games are hands down the biggest novelty in the industry. What we thought might be a cool gimmick became not only the way to play when on quarantine but also to visit escape rooms all over the world. The possibility which we, as designers and creators, willingly exploited.

As for today it is super easy to find games to play in various countries, genres and prices through websites like, which aggregate offers from escape rooms. If you ever wanted to play in France, Poland, Brazil or Australia now you are just a few clicks away from this experience. There are hundreds of live cam games to choose from.

Up to this point these games were usually converted from already existing stationary rooms, often run alternately online and with clients visiting physically. This is how we operate for instance. We are pretty sure though that in 2021 more and more games will be designed and built with live cam games in mind only. This may be beneficial for the owners as they don’t need to be located in city centers nor have fancy waiting rooms for clients. Online games’ scenography may be done with less detail as it not to be touched nor examined closely by the players.

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There will be more cases of using escape rooms in marketing

With live cam games we have reached many more clientes who otherwise would have never visited such an establishment. With escape rooms being more accessible people working on marketing campaigns can see that this medium might be used for online campaigns as well. We have done many popup escape games for brands in the past and now we are receiving questions about possible use of live cam games in marketing. It is very exciting, that despite the weak demand for individual stationary games so many other possibilities emerged for us to explore.

Stationary escape room will become even more awesome

Let’s get back to good old physical locations. We might say it every year, but this time we mean it: grandma’s room doesn’t cut it anymore. To keep up with players’ expectations you need to step up your game (pun not intended) with every room you create. The wow factor is mandatory. If the players start their game in the jungle by crashing a plane, give them an actual plane. If you want to build a pharaoh’s tomb don’t do it in an office building, look for a matching location or settle with another theme. No cutting corners if you want to stay relevant.

And yes, we think that scenography is the key. Puzzles are also important, but it’s not the thought process that make a good riddle. It’s all about the packaging. And for the experience to be amazing players need to immerse themselves in the setting with decorations, props and sound effects.

At least this is what we observe on our demanding local market. It’s go big or become irrelevant.

Open air events and mass escape games will flourish

With social distancing being promoted people might be reluctant to come to an actual room. This is why we are pretty sure that 2021 will be the year for open air and mass escape games. In the past we have organized such games for up to 600 players and 100 actors. And while it might not be a good idea to gather all these people together in a closed venue one can probably think about moving it outside. Yes, a simple scavenger hunt will not be what escape room enthusiasts are after. Yes, it is not easy to develop an entirely new game format. But from our experience it is an amazing way to make some fuss about your brand and get some publicity.